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Argentina – law on auto-parts

Several members reiterated their concerns, already expressed at the last meeting of the Committee, about the use by Argentina of indirect taxes as a way of protecting and promoting domestic manufacturing, notably through the use of subsidies. Some members considered that the law 27263, Régimen de desarrollo y fortalecimiento del autopartismo argentino: beneficios e incentivos, that entered into force on 2 August 2016, may be inconsistent with GATT Article III on National Treatment on Internal Taxation and Regulation, and Article 3 of the Agreement on Subsidies and Countervailing Measures. The law, they added, is a step backwards in the positive path taken by the current Argentinian administration addressing key trade barriers.

Argentina took note of the concerns expressed by members and reiterated its commitment to convey them to Buenos Aires for their analysis. Argentina further added that it stands ready to clarify issues bilaterally with members.


Publicado 11 mayo, 2017 por Faba Expres - Argentina - en Argentina