Custom Broker Argentina Faba Expres S.A.

We introduce ourselves as a company that for over four decades has worked exclusively ,  as  Customs Broker and Foreign Trade Advisors.

This extended period has helped in the acquisition of specific knowledge in such complex activity as      exciting, as in the update, according to the requirement of your changes.

Therefore, our constant monitoring of legislative, legal and accounting matters has kept our customers always one step ahead in the strategies.

The infrastructure itself has been organized under our main factor of attention: “Our customers”.

We show our interest in strengthening this link in the most appropriate way in relation to the operation and needs of each, without interfering and trying in all cases simplify their operational tasks.

Our advice is offered with honesty on the back of an adequate and effective development.

 Preventive controls.
 Released to different agencies.
 National and international freight.
 Advice on finding markets.
 Legal rules, agreements and national, regional and international agreements.
 Statistics and global databases.
 Comprehensive advice on legislation and tariffs in Argentina (Import) in the country of destination (export).

Briefly we have simplified the way of carrying out the business of our clients, who thanks to this infrastructure have already been met expectations.
We invite you to be part of this big family, this means, place your trust in us and collect your favor so before time could work against you – being the time one of the main keys to the success of any enterprise -.

From now on communication will be as valuable to obtain the solution immediately to all your concerns.




Publicado 13 junio, 2017 por Faba Expres - Argentina - en Argentina