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International Business Consultant

Our enterprise that has been working for more than four decades exclusively as a Custom Broker and in International Trade Services.
This long period has contributed to obtain an activity which is both complex and fascinating as well as keeping updated in line with the
demands of current changes.
That’s why our constant pursuit of subjects relating to legislation , law and accountancy have always kept our clients one step ahead with
strategies to be followed.
The infrastructure in our company has been organized in order to look after one main point: ¨our clients¨.
We would like to express our desire to make this link closer in the most suitable manner with regard to the operation and needs of each one
of our clients without interfering with them in any way and trying in all cases to simplify their operational task.
Our advise is sincerely offered to you with the backing of a capable , professional management .

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¿ Como se afora el flete aereo?


1 Cbm = 167 kgs/Vol.

Hay que comparar el peso bruto con el peso volumétrico, y se paga por aquel  que resulte mayor.

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